We are one of the largest Suppliers/Dealers of Anhydrous Ammonia with All India Network. Our Annual offtake of Anhydrous Ammonia exceeds 25000 M.T. We are consistently being acknowledged by top fertilizer companies in the form of awards and appreciation certificate for highest growth in terms of Turnover and offtake of Ammonia. We also manufacture liquor ammonia and AUS32/ Adblue/ DEF and Supply Methyl Amines ( Mono, Di, Tri ) and Sulphur Dioxide.

Our sales are not only limited to domestic markets, but we also supply our products to our clients in the Middle East, Africa, South East Asia and also in the Australian continent.

Incorporated in 1966, we have an experience of over 50 years in the industry. Jaysons Chemical Industries is rated as “SME 2 by CRISIL SME RATING displaying our financial strength and credibility.

With the environment deteriorating each day, we are committed to making the world a better place by adopting and integrating clean energy generation in our plants with the use of Rain Harvesting, Solar energy in our plants. We also manufacture Liquor Ammonia and which is a product to help curb emissions in (selective non-catalytic reduction) SNCR systems.

Our Vision:

To manufacture products comparable to international standards, to be customer-focused and globally competitive through better quality, latest technology, safe and environment-friendly practices and continuous innovation.


To manufacture world-class products of outstanding quality.
To help customers get a comparative advantage through our world class products and value making a happy customer.
To create a safe working environment. To attain highest level of efficiency, integrity and honesty.
To make the world a better place by striving for a cleaner environment with clean energy practices and manufacturing quality products that promote a healthy environment.