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About Us

The team at Jaysons prioritizes cultivating client relationships and treats customer service as the top priority. With ever changing needs of the industry and an increased attention on sustainability, our efforts are relentlessly focused on continuously optimizing the supply chain for a reduced carbon footprint of the transport fleet.


Facilitate organic growth through sustainability, economies of scale and by nurturing customer relationships.


Expand global presence in strategic domestic and international locations to cater to global chemical needs.

Our Products

Our areas of expertise include bottling of anhydrous ammonia in usable quantities, transportation of anhydrous ammonia and liquor ammonia, and manufacturing of the latter. We also trade in other chemicals, like methyl amines and sulphur dioxide. Our customer base is wide and is inclusive of, but not limited to the following industries: pesticides, chemicals, dyes, drugs, laboratories, explosives, pharmaceutical, cement, and power plants.