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The product portfolio boasts a wide variety of grades and packaging for anhydrous ammonia and liquor ammonia. Liquor ammonia in itself has different grades – analytical, laboratory, and commercial. Purity requirements vary across different industries. Jaysons handles the subsequent transportation and bottling of anhydrous ammonia to tonners, cylinders and direct tankers based on customer requirement. Ammonia has two grades, commercial grade which is 99.5% pure with 0.5% moisture, whereas the other one is refrigerant grade which is 99.999% pure and has almost no moisture.

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Anhydrous Ammonia

Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3)

Ammonia, a colorless gas with a distinct odor, is composed of nitrogen and hydrogen atoms.

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Liquor Ammonia

Liquor Ammonia (NH4OH)

Ammonia solution, also known as ammonia water, ammonium hydroxide, ammoniacal liquor, ammonia liquor, aqua ammonia, aqueous ammonia, or ammonia, is a solution of ammonia (NH3) in water.

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Methyl Amines

Methyl Amines (CH3NH2)

Methylamine (CH3NH2) is an organic compound which is a colorless, flammable gas and has a fish-like strong odor.

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Sulphur Dioxide

Sulphur Dioxide (SO2)

Sulfur dioxide, (SO2) is an inorganic compound which has a pungent, irritating odour and is a heavy, colourless, poisonous gas. It is produced in huge quantities in intermediate steps of sulfuric acid manufacture.

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